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About us


Hi, my name is Master Janssen, my wife Jay and I are the owner's of Tiger Spirit Tae Kwon Do.  
Our state of the art Dojang will be the largest Tae Kwon Do School in the area. 
Along with a 1000 Sq Ft After school program room for the kids. 

Jay and I are excited to create an enjoyable environment for students to improve their fitness,
life skills and confidence that can be carried into your everyday lives.

"When I began my martial arts journey 30 years ago, the positive impact it had on me was life changing.
So I am proud to be your Master and Guide in your Tae Kwon Do Journey" Say's Master Janssen

Master Keith Janssen
Master Keith Janssen

Master Janssen’s love for Martial Arts began when he was a young child in Germany, where he studied Shotokan for 2 years.  His passion and talent excelled in each country his family visited. As he continued his Martial Art journey thorough out his childhood Master Janssen studied ITF Tae Kwon Do, Tagei Juitsu, and Judo.

Master Janssen was a military child and then as a Soldier in the U.S. Army. Once Master Janssen found World Tae Kwon Do (WT, previously known as WTF) he knew he had found his path.

For 20 years the Janssens owned and operated a Personal Training and Wellness Studio in Richmond, VA where Master Janssen trained nationally ranked athletes and world ranked MMA fighters. All the while continuing his training with Tae Kwon Do.

Through his dedication and love for Martial Arts and his almost 30 years experience in Martial Arts, Master Janssen earned his ‘Master’.

The dream of owning a beautiful and state of the art Tae kwon Do School came true this Spring when Tiger Spirit came to life. “My wife and I are thrilled to be open for business, Tiger Spirit has been an amazing journey in the making” he says.

Ms Jay Janssen
Ms Jay Janssen

Jay was born in Beccles, England, her parents were talented Ballroom dancers and were eager to pass down the dancing bug. 

Dancing became a way of life and Jay began to win roles in shows such as The Nutcracker, Annie, Cats to name a few. Jay's all round dancing talents were noticed by teachers and the community, so dancing and Ballet became her direction and future. 

While Jay was at The Arts Educational boarding school in Hertfordshire, England, she was chosen to tour with the Festival Ballet Company for 3 weeks, enjoying cities all across the country. After Ballet Collage in London Jay started to Travel the world dancing in Japan, Italy, Russia, France and many other countries. 

In 2003 Jay met Master Janssen and Tae Kwon Do became a huge part of their life together. With her dancing background becoming a martial artist was a natural progression.

"We have been planning this journey for a long time and I am thrilled to be opening Tiger Spirit in April. Master Janssen and I look forward to showing off our beautiful, modern and State of the art DoJang to ourJupiter family and create a fun and safe experience for the community" Says Jay

    our facebook page

    Welcome to Tiger Spirit Tae Kwon Do School..


    1:30 pm - 7:30 pm Daily

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    our facebook page


    Call 561 229 0253 for more Information

    Tiger Spirit Tae Kwon Do
    311 W Indiantown Road
    Jupiter, fl 33458
    561 229 0253
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